Recommendation of services/platform for equity trading

Hello everyone.

I have started investing in stocks recently, since the past 6 months. Have been using IIFL, it was recommended by a friend of a colleague. Overall i'm satisfied with it, but i have to admit that im fairly clueless about other such trading platforms. I am planning on opening a new account, it'd be in the name of a family member but I will be using it, kindly suggest which would be ideal for my requirements as mentioned below:

1) I plan to use it to buy only large cap stocks , that too for long term ( > 3 years ) Might be forced to buy or sell only if there's too much of a rise or dip in the stock price, but otherwise i wont be actively trading on it. Yearly total investment around 3-5 lakhs. No Intraday, No F&O, no commodities.

2) The account will be of a person who doesn't have KYC/CKYC done, can the process be done online?

3) My IIFL account is was opened with a Value Added Subscription plan VAS5000, I paid around Rs 10,500 , Rs 5000 will be returned to me in brokerage charges. Is it advisable to subscribe to such plans ? I dont require recommendations or trading ideas. As I mentioned, i will occasionally buy large cap stocks on dips for long term holding only.

4) Will prefer to use it on mobile.

Few names like Zerodha, Fryers came up on searching in Google but i dont know if they are what i need. Would I rather visit the IIFL agent again or the ShareKhan office and get an account opened there ?

Comments. If any further info required about my needs please mention.