Recommendation for a stock broker!

A newbie here! Excited to join the stock market super soon. Although I used to invest in mutual funds earlier, now I am inclined towards the share market.
These are some renowned names i have been hearing from my friends/colleagues- zerodha, finvasia, upstox, angelbroking, 5paisa. Which broker is better in terms of charges(especially brokerage) since i have been planning to do this for a long time and second is platform and it is okay if it is not totally glitch free but expect good order execution. TIA
Every broker has their pros and cons when we are talking about their features, so it all comes down to your preference, to be frank. For me, I recommend both Finvasia and Zerodha
Finvasia is good when it comes to brokerage, honestly, I have yet to see any other broker beating that zero brokerage in all trading segments.
Zerodha, as we all know, is very good when it comes to charting. And, the platform is very easy to use for beginners.
However, there can be issues while making orders due to volatility. Rarely, I have experienced those situations, so the same cannot be said for the others.
Both zerodha and upstox are user friendly so either of them can work. However, for low cost, finvasia will be a better suggestion tbh. Their brokerage is zero across all trading segments. And about the platform, there are minor issues like charting but overall it’s good . You can decide as per your needs. All the best!