Panda among bears and bulls

Will be starting small-with 15000 rupees only.
Will play only Nifty-currently options, later futures.
Will post results here.

They say you have to pay tuition fees to the market before you earn wealth. I hope to get a scholarship :)

PS:I am not following any strategy. So please do not follow my trades, as you will almost certainly lose money.
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Panda move number One
Buy Nifty CE 2800 Dec @235.5 Time:14:42, 17-11-08
Breakeven, including brokerage is at 240.
Currently Panda is in Tarzan mood, so will be swinging around(trading) without any safety nets(Stop Loss).
Panda move number Three
Buy Nifty PE 2700 Nov @131 Time:14:04, 18-11-08, 2 lots
Breakeven, including brokerage is at 134.5.
PS:Had earlier written PE 2800 instead of PE 2700. Thanks to jnj333 for pointing it out.
Also had not mentioned the nember of lots. Added that too.
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