NSE Amibroker Database 5 yrs with self update


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project wolverine

This is Database of ALL NSE Script for last 5 yrs.
You get 5 min data of last 2 months and EOD of last 5yrs
and it has feature to self update it daily

Steps are Extremely easy. Follow what i say and u will have your Self updating database...Less you know the better lol:rofl::rofl:

Step 1 :- Close your amibroker
Step 2 : Download the amibroker database file

Step 3 : Extract the content of zip file. move both directory to your
Amibroker directory
i.e in my case C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\

It will ask u to overwrite press yes

All done

NOw run Amibroker click on
File -->Open database --> locate C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\test123

and open it
NOw Click
Tools ---> Auto update Ami quotes
select Source Google intraday , interval 1 min ,max 60 days and setting as shown in picture below update and there volla

Cost :-- Free coz They said Best Things in world are FREE

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mhm yes possible

First install my above database. then
click run amiquotes
after it finishes

in amiquotes
click Edit --> ADD ticker
then take symbol name from google

Example FOR BOM:532678 Bombay Rayon Fashions Limited
so put


and hit play button........... and there it should work :)
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I have downloaded a free version of AMi broker (AmiBroker 6.00 Official Release). How to provide EOD feed to the software. I'm not looking for live feed/updates



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? just download the data base link i gave in gdrive... unzip it and open using

File -->open data base in amibroker

if u looking for EOD feed procedure be same


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its missing data from 04/03/17 to 05/04/17..... any idea how to add missing data. Amiquote downloads data but doesnt update the database in that data range. It only updates latest data.

Any manual or automatic solutions?


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Fixed :) all missing data for all stocks filled

And now i know how to put data even beyond 10 + years :xD
for few stock i did that .Process is lengthy and i am only 1 person.

If u find any error do alert me ..I have tried my best to keep it free and Clean :xD

Few stocks have been renamed like
so search in N column if u want INFY

@PPM i am glad someone is using this database lol....
download the database from gdrive again
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There is some thread here sir where you can find changed url

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