Help needed in setting-up Up to date NSE Database in Amibroker

Dear Friends,

Very first, My salute to the legends (Like murthymsr, karthikmrar and soumya_b) and subject matter experts who were contributed a lot to Amibroker related articles.

Being so passionate towards the TA studies, I have chosen Amibroker TA software as a base to start with and since being a beginner for Amibroker TA software, it will be very much appreciated if I can get your valuable advice and help to proceed further in my mission.

As a first step I had Amibroker TA software installed with a blank database with no symbols.

Now I need to create a Up to date EOD NSE Database in Amibroker for the stocks since inception with old symbols merged and with proper stock splits. Kindly pls advice what are all the things I need to do and where do I get the data? ( As I read from the earlier posts by the seniors I could do that using Hemens Bhav copy downloader I can get the historical EOD, but again here the issue is getting purified up to date database that contains all old symbols merged with current and also with proper stock splits), I am quite sure that some one of you had already done this activity and if could pass the data same which could possibly avoid of re-inventing the process again. Could any one of you do have a importable Up to date NSE Database in Amibroker?? And could you Pls forward the same??

Awaiting for your positive reply with a proper guidance by which I can go ahead further.

Thanks & Regards

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