NIFTY/SENSEX Charting in REALTIME on MOBILE (5min delay) using MT4 Mobile Client


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MetaQuotes is a superb platform for Windows as well as for Mobiles. If you have a Windows Mobile then I got a good news for you. Now you can track Sensex/Nifty moves on your Windows Mobile.

GCITrading's MT4 Mobile terminal allow you to track US/UK/Australia Stocks, US Futures, World Indexes, Forex, Commodities, US Bonds all from a single platform.

Download the powerful platform from here

For Windows Smart Phone (non touch screen)

For Windows Pocket PC (touch screen)

Download the Desktop Client here if you are looking for freedom from Realtime data providers/iCharts/InvestBulls and all those paid data providers which you use "only" for NIFTY/SENSEX's movements

Get realtime data feed for NIFTY/SENSEX "ONLY"

Hi Vikas,

Thank you so much for starting this thread. I am sorry I do not know about metastocks. But can you help me tracking market on mobile with charts.

Please let me know if you know any one. I am ready to buy windows enabled mobile.:)


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Do you have windows mobile phone? If you do then just download the tool on the phone.. install it and create an account...

once installed... this is how it would look like on Pocket PC Edition (Touch Screen)

This is how it looks on my mobile (Smart Phone Edition)...

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Hi Vikas,

Thank you so much.

I am planning to buy Blackberry Storm 9500[Touch Screen]:confused:. Please advice.

Or let me know any one which you are using.:) or let me know which one is the above.
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