sensex and nifty may fall

as the gross domestic product of USA has increased by 2.4% and also the revenue also increased by 8% there is a chance that the foreign investor may withdraw there investment from BSE and which there will be a chance of sensex and nifty may fall....
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Hi Debasish, even i think so, and already the market is showing its colors of coming down. And the recent elections are also going to influence them. And still positive hopes over NaMo.
markets are like indian cricket pitches...can turn either one can predict! But with opinion polls predicting NDA/BJP coming back to power, looks like markets will be cautious till the general elections and if NaMo takes over the reins from will be more than happy to see the change at the helm and by 2014 diwali...nifty should see 7400 levels.
Hello Debasish, I would like to mention that FII's trends are quite common because their main intention is to get more return. When ever the Federal Reserve flooded with the dollar in the market..all the FII they invest those amount into the emerging economy..because compare to the dollar..most of the emerging economy's currency rate is low. But due to some monetary policy measurement..the currency rate may increase & then all the FII pull out their money just to retain the higher return...So if NIFTY index is declining..what I say it is the best time to buy some good stock..:thumb:


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Assuming that they have not been pulling out any money upto this moment, you can rest assured that the market will not only rise, but also be supported upto a time when FII will have withdrawn their money. Such large amount of money cannot be withdrawn over a couple of days. The underlying stock has to be distributed to other traders, and this requires time.

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