Nifty futures backtesting in Amibroker help needed


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Hi Guys,
I am new to backtesting using Amibroker.
May I request Seniors to share link or guide about how to do backtesting for intraday Nifty futures in Amibroker.
I have Nifty intraday 5 min. data in Amibroker. I have set my formula for buy, sell, short & cover based on moving avg.
1. on every day, all trades will be closed before 3:30.
2. I would like to test for one lot Nifty and see returns for 3 months.
I am checked futures mode option.
Not sure how to setup Amibroker for backtesting of Futures. I gone thru few links but it's confusing.

Thanks in advance.

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