amibroker backtesting

  1. T

    Supertrend wipsaws can be reduced

    Dear all, Many of us here use super trend for trading. I found a way to avoid lot of false super trend signals using Alligator & Fractals. Now the system is as follows. To trade it put following on chart, 1] Supertrend with default 2] Alligator 3] Fractals Buy Signals: When super trend goes...
  2. T

    Please help AFL coding for Exploring/backtesting EOD data with my strategy

    I have daily EOD data of NSE in my Amibroker. I want to scan /explore stocks which meet my criteria. Please help me with the code. Criteria: Today's high should be 2-Month High and also today's range (high-low) should be largest out of previous 5 trading days. I want to scan/backtest/explore...
  3. C

    Would like some opinion on the result of the backtest...

    Hey everyone, I have modified some afl.... One of them seems to be giving an ok result... Here are the results: So... is this afl practical in the real market? Or is it still need more adjustment? Thanks for your opinion
  4. B

    optimiztion result and backtest not matching

    Hello, I have 4 parameters for optimization. When i did that i got 238%profit maximum. With same parameters in backtest it is showing 172% profit. and big questin is that .... when i put 0.1 percent brokrage to very trade for intraday only i got -97% loss. Please explain where i am...
  5. N

    AFL coding help

    Hi All, Could some one please help me with the following requirement. I am experimenting with amibroker backtesting I have the following example buy logic SetOption("AllowSameBarExit", False ); Buy = MACD() > 0 AND RSI() > 30; for the sell part I have the following requirement...
  6. Sagarocks432

    Why this code is not working on amibroker

    plz remove this post Can any1 tell me how to delete your own post from this forum???
  7. Cubt

    Nifty Historical iEOD 2008 to till date - Free

    Guys, I have uploaded Nifty Historical Intraday 1 Minute data from 2008 to 2013 October. You can directly import it to Amibroker and Back test it. Since I really spent many hours in searching for it, i thought there would be many traders like me who would be looking for intraday data. Here's...
  8. E

    Help required for backtesting of nifty future

    Dear sir I want to test nifty future in amibroker back-testing(back-tester setting). I want to know as what setting should be done for nifty future or any other future lots. EXAMPLE : share Rate Margin % total margin...
  9. A

    Thee Best AFL's for Commodities

    All With the internet filled with millions of AFL's, a few are doing really great, however this is a needle in a haystack. Hard to find and consumes lights years to find the right ones. This thread is for people to share thier good/bad experience with the AFL's that we have come across...
  10. M

    Nifty futures backtesting in Amibroker help needed

    Hi Guys, I am new to backtesting using Amibroker. May I request Seniors to share link or guide about how to do backtesting for intraday Nifty futures in Amibroker. I have Nifty intraday 5 min. data in Amibroker. I have set my formula for buy, sell, short & cover based on moving avg. 1. on...