Nifty Future Strategy with 13000 Margin

Hi Friends,

This is the best strategy I found till now.

Investment Required to place trade : 1 LAC
Margin used: 13000

How to trade:
Between 3:00PM - 3:25 PM
Buy current Month Future
Sell Next Month Future

On next Day morning 09:30AM-10AM
Exit both positions at same time.

These positions will exit from your normal position but it will remain active as your intraday position. So, you can see intraday profit/loss into your account.

let it move for whole day wherever it go..

If one position is in 30/50+ points profit then Buy/Sell Back the profitable trade. And don't do anything with lossing position. Let it go.

Now we will have only one position open for next day. We will start another position on next day morning..

But in this single side open position we have risk of loss.
So, If you are long in future buy same month ATM/ITM put 2 lots.
If you are short in future buy same month ATM/ITM Call 2 lots

It will save us from big open range..

On next day morning you will be almost at 0 profit-loss. May be a small loss because of Option time decay or something else. But it will be around 2-5 points. Not more than that.

Now @9:30 - 10AM
Exit all your positions and no trade for that day.. Repeat the process on next day..

Note => Do not trade in current month if expiry is in 1/2 weeks. Go for next and next+1 month in that case.

All comments are welcome.


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Hi Friends,
This is the best strategy I found till now.
What is your strategy supposed to do?
1. Make money
2. loose money
3. stay at 0
or are you trying to make something out of premium disparity?

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