BankNifty Future Intraday Hedging Strategy

Hi All,

I want to share a best strategy I am working over it from last few days.

It is best for intraday.

How to Trade:

Check Support & Resistance of BankNifty (SPOT)
Buy BankNifty Future as soon as it goes above from its Resistance level. You can look for 50 points or till Resistance 2 - Which comes before..

If Banknifty reverse and start going downside then Don't Exit the position..
Buy 2 Lots of 100 points away PUT and hold it till BankNifty doesn't come to your buy point. Once reach exit the PUT and wait for future to go above..

If BankNifty still going down and reach to support then Exit both poistions and Buy Future again at support level..

Your profit in this way will be more and losses will be very small due to PUT hedging..

You can also trade it by selling Future and Buying Call when BankNifty is Downtrend..


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Hi... yes... your strategy is good... buying option to hedge index future... but banknifty being highly volatile scrip... can give you sizeable amount of jerks intraday... as directional strategy I use 200EMA/21EMA cross over to find trend and hedge with option... but my most preferable strategy is shorting OTM options... and eat premium... sure shot strategy to get regular income... small but consistent

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