NIfty Futures Averaging strategy

what is best Nifty futures averaging startegy with 25 lakh capital for example if i buy nifty futures at 8000 thereafter with every 200 fall i keep on averaging like wise noythoer best strtaegy u suggest onlin in nifty futures and no options or anyother...


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averaging down against ur position is sure way to lose ur capital. averaging should be done with ur position that is if u buy and ur position goes to profit buy more not other way as u have said.pls learn some basics of trading.lot of good threads here for that.
sorry but u are wrong i dont agree wid u coz by averaging we can easily get out of position with huge profits only criteria is that if u hv sufficient capital to average it
one more startegy is that if buy nifty future at 8000 qty 75 if comes at 7800 then buy 75 then if comes at 7600 then buy 150 and then 7400 buy 300 after if nifty comes 200 point favour that is 7600 then 15000 profit and if it goes still down then qty will double at every 200 point
another strategy is same as the above one onli diff is buy qty 75 jan expiry and sell qty 75 feb expiry the one which position goes unfavour average in evry 200 points as mentioned above
no need of profitable trades u onli calculate if keep on averaging at some point of time can get out in profit onli 200 pt bounce back is enough to be in profit side in this theory even if nifty goes 1000 point one side after that atleast 200 pt bounce back is expected if more then definately more profits

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