Newbie trader

Before going into the pros and cons, I suggest you to have a clear idea about what a trader is basically and how it is different from the term “stock broker”
This is a very good advice too!
Um, I'd try, it looks interesting. But I think the requirements to work in that direction will be quite high, because you'll probably have to manage large amounts of capital, and that's a lot of responsibility, so I would think a hundred times if it's worth it and if you have all the skills you need to work effectively.
In fact, it can be considered an interesting position that can provide you with financial freedom and the opportunity to earn almost unlimited amounts, so you can try, the main thing is to find a company that will provide competent cooperation between you and your clients.
In my opinion, it's not too promising in reality, because it's much more interesting to be an ordinary trader, who knows how to make a profit on his own with his own personal capital, I think that freedom is exactly what is needed for a modern businessman. And how can you refuse it? I wouldn't even try it!

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