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do u mean trader? Stock broker? You want to become zerodha/Sharekhan etc?
I think you are not even sure about what you are talking about . A stock broker means a professional company or a firm that facilitates buying and selling of securities for traders. They only act as a link between the stock exchange and the customers as customers can not directly trade with a stock exchange.

A trader is someone who simply wants to buy or sell securities. So the benefit of being a trader is that you can earn good returns by analysing market trends and price movements . However , the disadvantage is that you might even lose out big plus there is an inherent risk in these securities.
Benefit is that you can take advantage of a growing economy. Disadvantage is not being able to control emotions.
That's a truth! Emotion control is always missed by everyone entering into this world with no previous experience.
I feel like you are very confused with the difference between trader and stockbroker. And judging from the posts, it seems like you are asking to become trader, so here are some points to consider.
1. For newcomers, deposit less capital with leverage along with bracket and cover order (only for intraday)
2. Able to make money consistently (weekly/monthly) if done right.
3. Financially independent. The boss of money. Make or break

1. Lots of learning and practice. A mistake may cost everything.
2. Overcome with greed and overconfident may cause bigger problem in trading.
3. Loss is a part of trading life.

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