Newbe in Trading

Hello All Trading Guru's

my name is vivek and i am almost new into trading , and as mostly with all other members i am starting to do this to add some extra cash and income to my need

i am more interested for F&O but not much confident about things to take care of while trading and how all i can manage it self using RKSV or Zerodha platform as they dont put any RM to help or guide you

i was about to open account with Nirmal Bang but after reading threads in i feel that to reject that option

can any of you expert help me read more about do's and dont's of F&O , and how to make some 1000-2000/ day from it please :)



The Disciplined Trader
Hi vivek,

I think for newbie option trading will be the most dangerous thing to do. Until you get some knowledge plz stay away from option trading. First try with cash market, then slowly you can move towards option trading.Treat trading like a business...

Wish you best luck for your Journey..!:thumb:

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