f&o strategy

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    Newbe in Trading

    Hello All Trading Guru's my name is vivek and i am almost new into trading , and as mostly with all other members i am starting to do this to add some extra cash and income to my need i am more interested for F&O but not much confident about things to take care of while trading and how...
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    Intraday Tips Strategy

    Hello DayTrading Gurus, Being an amateur in Intraday/daytrading, I subscribed to recieve SMS tips with one of the share tip provider. Whatever tips they are providing, by blindly following, I was making losses continuously. Provider no longer lifts the phone. In our initial...
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    Am i correct

    Hi Everybody out there, I am a humble learner who wants to ask all you seniors and learned persons to please suggest if my strategy is correct or not and also asking for improvements.[B](BROKERAGE EXCLUDED) THEORATICAL CONSTRUCTION OF MY STRATEGY IS GIVEN...