1. M

    F&O Trade Diary - Manny

    I'll be starting trade in F&O segment from October 1st 2018. I am going to maintain this as a diary of my trades. Taking this as a challenge to trade in F&O and come out profitably . I know the timing is not great but somewhere sometime need to start. Starting capital - 10K Target - double...
  2. C

    Hello Friends - CA at your service

    Dear All, I am Nikhil kaushik, a Chartered Accountant based out of Mumbai. Will be glad to share my knowledge on tax related matters here. Regards
  3. V

    New Joinee

    Hi There Am a NRI. Native of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu - India. 1) Came to know about capital market investment / stock market investment through a known person who lost completely in 2008 market crash. My contact was in the market for quite long time. He invested Rs 3 Lakhs and created Rs. 2...
  4. B

    Is NRI allowed to involve in intraday in F&O segment?

    Dear All, I am new to Traderji.I just joined today only.I have already invested in Indian Stocks; sometimes involve in Intraday traading as well. I have demat/trading account with both ICICI driect and Zerodha.It seems that I may travel to Australia for a long term(probably a year) after a...
  5. V

    Newbe in Trading

    Hello All Trading Guru's my name is vivek and i am almost new into trading , and as mostly with all other members i am starting to do this to add some extra cash and income to my need i am more interested for F&O but not much confident about things to take care of while trading and how...
  6. V

    Hello from a DAY TRADER in F&O NSE

    I have registered today looking at the MODI BUDGET and is interested for quick trades in FUTURES AND OPTIONS TRADES in stocks and currency Hello to all my co-members Vijay
  7. A

    Stock Market Basic Knowledge

    Hi, I am a new entrant in the stock market who wants to earn like everyone a lot of money. I am completely new and have no knowledge about stock market. I would like to know from the basic jargon of stock market. What is intra-day trading? What is margin and margin trading? What...
  8. A

    New in trade

    I am new in trade, i want to know how much capital req to buy one lot of reliance in f&o ?
  9. M

    5 doubts about the Futures Market

    Hey, I've been doing some Equity(Cash) trades for some time and am looking into the Futures market. However, I have not done Futures trading in whatever capacity till date. I will learn as I go and will not jump into it fast. Will start with small amounts first. But I need some things to be...
  10. RKSV

    A look back at 2011 Turnover

    Hi everyone, We wanted to share some of our research on stock equity and derivative volumes for this past year with the rest of you. We hope you find this information useful. Let us know your views and thoughts in this forum. Hopefully you find this useful and we can keep adding more...
  11. RKSV

    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading @ 1947/-

    Dear Traderji Members, Wishing you all a happy New Year and a prosperous 2012!! I started this message post to introduce you to our company and our brokerage plan. We are RKSV Securities and we have been doing proprietary trading for over 3 years in India. We are a registered SEBI company...
  12. M

    Hi everyone, excited to be on board!

    Hi everyone! I am really excited to be on board now. There seems to be an ocean of information in this forum. I guess there is plenty to learn from all you experienced members of this prestigious platform. I hope to make this a memorable journey. I have been trading in the share market for a...
  13. I

    Intraday Tips Strategy

    Hello DayTrading Gurus, Being an amateur in Intraday/daytrading, I subscribed to recieve SMS tips with one of the share tip provider. Whatever tips they are providing, by blindly following, I was making losses continuously. Provider no longer lifts the phone. In our initial...
  14. R

    Trading Nifty Options?

    HI , i am new to intraday trading , i wanted to know how much money do i require to buy a lot in options ?? like the NIFTY CALL 5900 is at Rs. 51 and the market lot is of 50 , so all i need is Rs 2550(+ brokerage) to trade ??? and if it goes to 75 i earn a 50% on my investment ??
  15. D

    F&O Rollover Calculation

    Hey, Could someone please tell me the formula or such to calculate rollover in futures and options. I'm talking about both, market wide and stock specific F&O rollovers. I've seen the figures on CNBC, stating 'Nifty rollover stand at 44% with a positive bias', and have tried looking...
  16. dream123

    helo, wish u all for lady luck!

    activity: equity, ipo, F&O, arbitrage, forex, diffrent strategies, comodities, other countries market, etc.. in short intrested in all the activities making big money,
  17. G

    Suggestion on trading & opeing Deemat A/c

    Dear Traders, i have just started my own sub-broking firm in sheshadripuram, bangalore with "Angel broking" & i welcome u all to join me on any discussion or query related to trading. i feel with my limited knowledge & exp i will b able to help many new person in this field & able to solve...
  18. E

    Future & Options F&O ?

    can i buy any numer of shares in F&O ? i don't have money to buy full lot, So is it possible to buy as per my limit...? Please let me clear my doubt...
  19. A

    F&O margin using Cash market securities

    I have been wondering if one needs to pay interest if one uses cash market securities in DMAT account for satisfying initial and exposure margin requirements on F&O side. MTM losses obviously will have to be paid in cash. An example: I have 10L worth stocks, after haircuts etc. this comes to...