Need guidance from Amibroker Experts

Hi friends,

I am a small trader interested in shifting to the semi-automated trading method instead of manual trading.
As of now I have a C#.Net based program developed by me which gives me buy/sell signals based on some mathematical computations on Bank nifty index value (data pulled from Google finance).

I would like to know from the experts of Amibroker , is it possible to re-use my C# code along with Amibroker to generate buy/sell signals ? (This would save time for me as I would not have to learn AFL). I did come across .Net SDK for Amibroker but as it is not official, was skeptical about it.

Could anyone, who is already running a stable semi-automated system, provide me some info so that i can decide whether to build my system from scratch in Amibroker or to re-use whatever I have and proceed further.

I checked in other threads for the same, but couldn't find any post which could help me. I don't expect spoon feeding of any sort, but I expect broad level plan to proceed based on experience of building a similar system.

Thanks in advance

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