Mysterious Flight MH 370

Too bad that such important thread is simply dying out anyway, what do you propose to make it live ? Do you have any news about that ? I see something like that conflict between Russia and Ukraine already setting out no matter what really.
IT's not setting out in any case and I do not really know for now who really killed that boing, are you agree with me here or not? We should probably make something else on that many level anyway. Care to see that much or not? Do make it.
I still hope that the world will not forget about that service and still will allow people know the truth about what was happened in that plane anyway and we all will be safe entirely and on every possible level here. Thanks for reminding that!
I am still hoping that everything will be really disclosed and people could really see the truth all others are trying to sold to us, we still not sure who is guilty in that tragedy anyway, so let's hope everything will be entirely possible out there.

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