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I am neither investing nor trading this scrip, just observing.......
posted only for learning purpose

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long @445.6 triggered SL @443.8
(I am punished due to some data missing on my chart ! after back filling I found no any setup as per my strategy. my damn !!)
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I am trading only for morning session. after 11.00 am or 12.00 pm I leave for my office duty.
so some time I can not trade as full time trader, hence my profit is less than loss in almost maximum trades. however, this activities will help me positively in futures when I decide to take stocks trading as my bread and butter.........for the time being I do not quite my job........but trading will be continuing whether it is profiting or losing ..............

anything posting in this thread it is purely learning purpose......
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Trading price traps

Price trap is one of most rewarding price setup to is most repetitive pattern for price action traders

What is trap

Traps occur often and the name is a very good descriptor of what actually takes place. There are many reasons why traps occur, and there are several
different ways to approach them. What actually occurs with these traps is that multiple traders will enter a trade at the same location, which is usually a tick above or below a previous bar/candle or key price level. However, immediately upon ticking higher or lower, the market will instantly reverse, trapping those traders who entered on the tick higher or lower on the wrong side of the trade. When the trapped traders realize that they have been duped, they begin exiting on the break of the previous bar. This mass exodus adds fuel to the move and very quickly, the market will surge forward for a couple of points or more.

Trading the trap

When you see a trap setting up, you want to have a market “stop” order in place exactly where the trapped traders will be exiting. As the duped traders all begin to exit, your order will be executed and you will be swept into the tradewith the exiting orders and the move will generally be swift and sudden

Today Nifty future with bull traps



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gone long as there was a TRAP pattern. I am not comfortable with this type of pattern. exited sharply with pocketing few points. a good short trade was at failed TRAP pattern, but missed. in hindsight there were too many signals around PDL/PDC. good signal was long on BPB of IRH (circled area). though I did not trade them.

cash group
bought Bhartiartl and exited cost to cost.
bought RECLTD and exited with lam sum loss.