my Nifty options

Todays NIFTY movement can be cmp 17010-17080-17020-17100-..... fingers crossed .. my option is rading at 20 points loss
Nifty did go up but it went 10 points extra .. it went upto 17090 .. then on falling back it fell more than 50, 60 points below 17020 which was not expected .. as the fall was strong, the last leg (to 17100+) went for a toss .. but it should cover that last leg which is badly due .. i would expect more possibilities of nifty going up tomorrow .. the last 30 minute mov of the market today gave a slightly posiive edge .. let us see .. mean while my option is trading at a loss of 38 points .. can't do anything now .. just planning to relax and see how the market play it out ..
completely missed today's holiday .. i came to know only yesterday when looking at the price of my call .. how silly and foolish me !! .. anyways .. it was a real bad trade even a novice would not do .. relied on speculation completely .. well... what my line of thought is while we should not be ignoring speculation completely, we should limit it to a ceratin level of our decision making factors .. all said and done, the final result is my 53 points dubgaya paani me .. Loss: 53 .. tpl - 73 .. the only solace is, still i'm in green by 73 points .. thanks to the first and fantastic trade
as of now 17400 calls are trading at around 58 .. but market is likely to make a dent of around 50-70 points tomorrow .. if so, the call prices will fall .. i'll buy a call around 50 rs .. just hoping .. lol