1. M

    Day trading live ill be posting my weekly pnl here lets see how it will be with some rules here-option buy

    Starting with small capital from monday will post capital and then daily feedback of PNL and trades and rulles followed or not... hope this will help others its purely options buying in index
  2. Maheswarra

    an another zero brokerage trader in south india??? does anyone have any views on it FLATTRADE?

    hii i found an another broker with zero charges infact i found shnoonya and prostocks almost using software from same developer and then this flattrade is also using same....im attaching u screenshot... for same.. of all the three...please kindly post views on prostocks and flattrade..? if...
  3. Maheswarra

    My journey of trading -- Traders should know that investing/trading is filled with ocean full of opportunites

    sorry lost access to old id(maheswara.rd) .. please note this is my new id... lost my access as i was using my singapore sim, and back to india for ever. so... i lost my email id recovery as i forgot my password... its been 10yrs of my journey in market of which let me divide into trading and...