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Trading impulsive moves are much better then corrective moves,An impulsive move is one whereby the market moves quite strongly or heavily in on direction, covering a great distance in a short period of time. These moves tell you when the imbalance between the buyers and sellers is really strong and there is heavy participation from the institutional side.

Logically, more money can be made during these impulsive moves, as they cover more points in less time.They are generally more volatile, and thus provide us with great opportunities to get more R (reward) with less risk since the market will stretch more easily in one direction. But no matter what, we want to be trading with these moves as much as possible, not against them.

Three Characteristics of Impulsive move

1) Large Candles (bodies)

2) Mostly of one color (blue/bullish, or red/bearish)

3) Closes towards highs/lows of the move

unique feature for this trading of impulsive moves is va gaps, last series they are four gaps in bnf and seven gaps in NF all turned jhand :mad:
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Trader uses Technical analysis for getting note on price and least considered on volume front ..these day price action trading is new buzz word !!! but that does mean trading swing/pivot ..or just double candle setups.."MARKET AT MAX RUNS WITH TRAP !!! TRAP !!! when you can trade this U la la !!!

when there is hurry and panic,you can win..but missed it completely in Feb series !!! :annoyed::mad:

Tracing FII/DII is not needed as there is VP/MP in your hand and Weekly profile study..OBV added to deal with normal days...never use this in VA gaps...if you use it will offer baba ji ka thullu :D
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Psychology for success is Goal,Commitment, Method to achieve that goals

Goal is to gain in market ,commitment is to use a trading system which is known to you which has the MM part, just remember it is you who operate it and you should know it very well,specific conditions for entry and exit will have to be there and it should be determined by play area..once it is absent don't trade and a method which doesn't tell this is slow poison for killing self :D

Tons of this suicidal methods are available in market to kill our self ..

Technical analyst knows the price of every thing and value of nothing
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EOD are one of the best OTF,positional pts in BNF and NF on basis of RF and Vol divergence,confirmed it ,is this time to shift to OTF !!!! :! ,miniature time scale has limitations like volume scaling,slippage etc
,but it helps to keep fit and ability to read charts



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Corrective moves character

1) Smaller Candles

2) Greater mix between red/blue or bull/bear candles

3) Closes more towards the middle with larger wicks

Thus, if you apply the logic of impulsive moves, you can easily understand and identify corrective moves.

Impulsive moves about 75% of the time are followed by corrective moves. These corrective moves can either be horizontal, slightly against the impulsive move, or even slightly in the same direction, but they denote a change in the order flow and participation.

Always remember :

source :Lance beggs


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A TA follower duty is to

-Find the right direction

-Staying in the trend

-Spotting great pullback opportunities to get back in with trend

-Knowing when the market will continue and when the market is likely to reverse

-How to find some of the more profitable moves in the market (impulsive)

-Knowing who is in control of the market


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Price action trader mistake

A big mistake many traders make is that they treat price action like a blueprint or template trading methodology :lol: and just hunt for candlesticks that fit their textbook criteria :D In trading, everything is relative and you need to put price information in relation to what has happened before..

Just go through logic of candle stick in context .



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Sturgeon's law. "Ninety percent of everything is crap". Derived from a quote by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who once said, "Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud.

That's because 90% of everything is crud."

Taking this in to account in science 90 % experiments fail ,90 percent of poetry, 90 percent of philosophy books, 90 percent of peer-reviewed articles in mathematics- is crap. :lol:

In trading 90 to 95 % traders fail, simply they follow crap as per Sturgeon's law which applies to trading as well...

Example : ;) :D

1. Price action basing on tens of DP's

2. Swing points based methods on after event..the method offers 90 % failure rate

3. S& R trading in which most people fail ,when they use too much vertical lines

To come out of this JOOTSING is the bestway

JOOTSING is a term collected by D. Hofstadter and stands for “Jumping Out Of The System”.

This is an important tactic not just for creative writing, philosophy but also in science and trading.

JOOTSING made me to understand D and S as well as MP in most unconventional way
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Trend trader swift points which he must always remember:

1.Trend trading is not forecasting or predicting

2.Trend Trading is reactive in nature.

3.Trend Trading demands following the market not guessing or wild emotions

4. Trend trader Avg profit per trade is significantly higher then average loss per trade



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Trading discipline :

Discipline is the ability to construct a set of trading rules and to stick to those rules as unemotionally as possible

An excellent trader should have the ability to trade the markets with a detached mindset, respecting the market as a wild beast that cannot be tamed, but one that can be beaten over the long term but setting rules and abiding by them with steadfast strength and discipline, knowing that those rules will give him an edge over the market forces.

Pulling the trigger

The ability to pull the trigger is another key discipline that must be respected. This comes down to self-confidence in the traders rules.:clapping:


A solid trading methodology is of course very important to a trader success. Work out what works for you. Every trader will have different objectives, timeframes, risk tolerances and trading setups that appeal.

This week task is to rise my self for new F.Y terms of trading swiftly in OTF in intraday..rising quantity in Initial order..then at add -on

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