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Trading education is for actionable claims not for knowledge,forums,books and Internet are main source,but they cannot be only one for success in trading, for actionable claims we have to spend time with charts,which resulted in identifying some patterns which are not there in any books etc.,but repetitive in trading.
Thanks to all chart pattern/s for keeping me alive in this market.

Concluding this thread with jeff cooper words : :)



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Time as come to start this TA journey once again with a purpose, as usual imgur uploaded images are out to large extent :mad:

This year i have achieved significant step of scaling volumes in BNF/NF swing/positional ,from mid year ..entering trade without fail is the big step forward...thanks to DS and MP ..

Bad news is significant drops of vol of NF/BNF bought significant slippage which made me to reduce volume in intra leg of redesigning intra method for TSL and PB is must which is going to introduced in intra from this March series to counter this !!! if goes in right direction then April series i will start scaling on quarterly basis


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Final picture mp along with obv band (15 min price-obv ) given stable result.. hourly band looks good but..trades are bit late...except feb remaining months...not good



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1.After many years i'm testing intraday system after establishing obv with MP,MP rule holds and OBV only for confirmation of trade long week on account of Maha siva rathri is helping a lot..jai bolenath ji ki jai :)

2.No more TSL with swing akka pivots..even blended candle are too be considered

3.Trade limit is only 2 trades per day


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A trader read it (self)!!!

A trader has to write a good trading plan while the market is closed to guide their trading while the market is open.

yes done !!!

A trading plan has to be followed with discipline to have a chance at success.

i will

A trader has to manage their behavior by acting consistently with their own rules.

i will


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Time scale for trading which is miniature in nature ,dislodges scaling of volume
,concentrate on OTF trader time frame...

Too many traders focus only on the entry price and pay insufficient attention to the size of the position :D. Trading too large can result in good trades being liquidated at a loss because of fear :eek:

On the other hand, trading larger than normal when the profit potential appears to be much greater than the risk is one of the key ways in which many of the Market Wizards achieve superior returns.


Trading smaller, or not at all, for lower probability trades and larger for higher probability trades can even transform a losing strategy into a winning one.

Now three ingredients MP VA's ,VPOC, OBV.... but beauty is just 2 trades per day...

60 sample test shows scaling can be done even with slippage ,but with in my limit of tolerance ..


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War Drill

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat..Sun Tzu

Ans:Strategy is MP for intra..D and S with MP for swing ..RF for positional..OBV need for swing/positional.. in intra in case of clash only MP holds

Calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restraint, and purity: these are the disciplines of the mind.-Lord sri krishna

Ans: Just enter trade with calmness, hold it gently, be silent watch the game of action,stop at two trades have a self-restraint..purity is nothing but end result for your deeds you should accept…so go with this mind game

One who defends everything ,defends nothing-Frederick (II):

Aggressive strategy not possible as I’m not player ,but follower of the flow

Does this means I must be Defensive ??

Ans: Defensive method will ruine your account, I must adopt defensive offensive stategy I’e .,when in no play area be silent, be offensive in Profiler Strength Area which is nothing but the trend area the 20 % market –which consists of is va gaps ,PDH and PDL breaks,aggressive higher developing weekly va’s, this is the only area’s where adds will work ,It this aggressive area where low esteem traders, weak hands give up


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Support And Resistance Trading

Support and resistance trading looks so simple and easy. Just draw a horizontal line where price turned before in the past and wait until price comes back to it.

The reality is, tough, :mad: although it looks like the easy way to make money, the vast majority of traders fail using this technique. :D :D

Traders who draw thin horizontal lines on their charts in order to make trades off them, usually find themselves in one of the following two scenarios:

1.Price turns ahead of their line and they miss the trade Very frustrating :annoyed:and traders tend to be more aggressive on their next trades which results in a downward spiral.:mad:

2.Price spikes through the S&R line ,when this happens, traders tend to become too scared taking to take a new trade or they set their stop loss orders further away which results in a decreased risk reward ratio.:(:p

Vertical lines are not much reliable in trading, :D, using horizontal zones are much better ..never leave this for swing


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Tactics which are now not working with respective to NF/BNF

1.ST da Early Exit

2.Saint SB pattern

3.Add on area..basing on TTF

Tactics that hold till today

1.ST da Gaps,

2.Saints Virtual High and Low's

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