My Crude Oil positional trades.


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I shall be posting my trades in Crude Oil here. They are not Intraday but positional so there will be no SL and no Target and very few trades. Mostly these will be trend following system.

I had tried Equity and have got taste of success but due to lack of time i cant continue with it. I was looking for a something where in I can give minimum input (time ) and need not to be in front of system all day long. So lets cut it short I found one system which is not 100% accurate but wherein the loss is few and profit is more.

the system is

1. Use of EMA, MA
2. RSI
3. Candlestick Chart 1HR only. 4HR/Daily (if required).

The performance. This is in Crude oil mini.

The best point for me in this is that it gives you time to think and react and also if you are wrong then loss is very low as compare to profit. Some will say that it will work only in trending market which to some extent is right thats why crudeoil which is highly liquid and hardly stays in range (max one week). As I said not SL and no Target we will trade the trend and be ready to give (Stop loss) to market what it takes and be ready to take from market (profit).

As 19th june was expiry so I am out of trade and will post my trade once got signal as per my system.



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Still the signal has not come and its highly volatile. The next trade will be on monday after the OPEC meeting.


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Crude opening gap up today. Got signal of buy yesterday but the OPEC is pending today so today is wait and watch no position. As thing can change too fast. Next trade only on or after monday.


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Trend is strong upwards. Will take entry at right price.


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Got a good entry. In this system the trades are less and most of the time you are holding the position. Now after opec meeting the market broke the range as the last trade was on 15th.

Now will have to hold on this position and will move to other side probably when the trend will reverse.

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