Mutual Fund investment & their portfolio


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This is the mutual funds recommended by Value Research Online:

Multi Cap:
1. ICICI Pru Value Discovery
2. FI High Growth Companies
3. Birla Sun Life Equity
4. SBI Magnum Multicap

Large Cap

1. Mirae Asset India Opportunity
2. SBI Bluechip
3. Birla Sun Life top 100
4. Quantum Long Term Equity

Mid cap
1. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip
2. Principal Emerging Bluechip
3. UTI Mid cap
4. Franklin India Prima

Small Cap
1. DSP Blackrock Micro Cap
2. Franklin India Smaller Companies
3. Reliance Small Cop
4. SBI Mid& Small Cap

Tax savers ELSS

1. Reliance Tax Saver
2. Birla Sun Life Tax relief 96

1. Axis Long Term Equity
2. DSP black Rock Tax Saver

Balanced Funds
1. ICICI Balanced Fund
2. SBI Magnum Balanced Fund
3. HDFC Balanced Fund
4. Tata Balanced Fund

Income Fund
1. ICICI Pru Long Term
2. UT Dynamic Bond
3. Axis Dynamic Bond
4. Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond

Short term Debt Fund
1. Birla Sun Life Short Term opportunities
2. HDFC Short Term
3. DHFL Pramerica Low Duration
4. Franklin India Ultra Short Term


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Now I am more interested in their portfolio:

so during research I have found followings stocks mainly:

1. HDFC Bank
2. maruti
4.Indusindia Bank
5.ICICI Bank
6.RBL Bank
7. Eicher Motors


Research continuing...
No liquid funds in that portfolio ?
No ,we have to first build a good portfolio for capital appreciation.After we make money and book capital gains we can use the liquid fund for preserving our capital till we get the next opportunity to buy equity again.The gap between our sale and next purchase could be 6-8 months and the market will be coming down in that period so we need liquid fund for preserving the capital.



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My thinking of making my own Managed fund....

so building portfolio...

Lets see how to goes from here on...

Every month I will invest 10% of my total earning including profit from Future trade, profit from Option trade, income from my job....

Say: profit from Future trade=X
Profit from Option trade=y
Income from job=A
So i will use 10% of (X+Y+A) for building the managed portfolio...every month..


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50% of (X+Y+A) will be again infused into the Option Capital,

Rest 40% of (X+Y+A) - Monthly expenses will be saved as FD or in some other means....(still not decided)...may be in liquid fund also....Reliance Share Liquid Bees.


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Sounds like a lot of management. Complicated.

Why not start with 1-2 steps only.
No no..very easy. Every month on last day I do calculate.

Also I do withdraw the profit from each account every month.

So trading capital in all accounts are already fixed.

Rest I am now allocating money to other avenue...

I have no holding other than Liquid bees.

These liquid bees giving yearly return of 4 to 6 percent..I am not satisfied with that.

So change needed...that is why researching