Monkey King's Oily Tales (Day Trading Crude Oil)

10 minilots with 35000 capital base will not support money management. 3-4 continous stoplosses ( 12 points) will make a psychological damage which will create pressure and anxiety.
Focus more on execution of your trade as per plan rather than target or time constraint.
True, you are right - money management wise my trades run tight. Just a 12 point sl for the day. I will run this for a week and see how it goes and review this weekend if things get ugly.
On a lighter note... Bhai achhi neend bhi liya karo. Sleepless nights not sign of a good trader :)

I am tracking your thread regularly, keep posting.

lol, small town ka rahne wala hu, so aadat gaon wali type hai, ;)

i usually sleep early (by city folk standards) unless i am caught in a trade (8/8:30 pm usually). wake up early (3:30 am roughly). i go for pre-twilight walk to the beach along the sea shore for nearly 2 hrs almost daily - barefoot on the soft sands (1 hr up, one down). other than keep me fit it really starts my day on a positive and happy note and makes me respect the power of mother nature.
waiting, a while back took a small scalp trade with 5 lots as not sure of what is really going on o_O
net is just 25 points so far. waiting for 4160 to be tested but then crude may just shoot through it maybe.

bulls look strong and trend is clear bullish but bears may defend 60 with all their might. will wait for clarity.
10 lots long 4156, sl now 4158. Let me see, may get hit soon I guess.

Trailing too close I know but then it is what it is, lol

Edit- exit sl triggered @ 4160
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Will enter short in a while for today, let me see.

Short 10 mini @ market

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:rolleyess: expect it to touch / test 3990 / 4000 today (200 ema on the 1 hour) as per my charts , let us see :cooll:

Edit @ 1615 - still holding as chart show no reversal. May have to hold untill the pit and/or us open I guess

Edit - @ 1750 - trailing sl put up @ 4065. Short at start of day was 4067 so set it at breakeven and not area of value. Whatever happens now will be I guess. No exit unless I spot a firm reversal. Might get stopped out looks more likely though, lol. First and last trade of the day either which way. Will shut shop if target met or sl triggers.

Edit - exited @ 4050. Done for the day.
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scalped a few and shut terminal just before dinner a few minutes back. managed some 380 net points for the day overall (mini points, lol)

time for bed now.

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