MCX Crude IEOD data


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Hi friends form this month i want to share every month mcx crude data extracted from nest using josh rtd. So it helps many new members who wants to backtest their strategy . today i share data from 1 july 20117 to 4 august 2017. Friends if you have old month mcx datas pls share here it is useful to all of us :) . Thanks
Hey Yachusai , nice initiative for the trading community.

BTW you mentioned that data is from 1st July 2017 but when I see this data it shows the starting date as 14th July 2016. I thought it was one month data but this is One Year Data , isn't it.

Great going.

20160714 230000;3042;3045;3041;3041;260
20160714 230100;3041;3042;3040;3041;531
20160714 230200;3041;3042;3040;3041;135
20160714 230300;3041;3042;3040;3042;351


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