Hi friends,


I'm going to share with you my crude oil MCX trading logs and all for some advice and insights on how to improve
and I'll tell you what I think you need to do to succeed despite the challenges facing us it can be done .

Capital= Rs.10000
Broker = Tradeplus
Trading Type = Intraday
Script = Only Crude oil
No of trades = Daily 1 or 2 trades


a. Long Term Analysis Monthly/Daily/Weekly
b. Current 4hour Chart Pattern
c. Entry based on pullback/Levels/Confluence Trading/

My Top 5 Trading Rules:
1. Cut Losses Quickly
2. Be Patient and Stay Disciplined
3. Maintain Good Risk Reward Ratio
4. Trading Without Emotions
5. Consistency in Trading

Thanks ...

"The great traders learn from a disaster like a phoenix they rise up from the ashes and they become even greater than they were before".


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As fellow CL trader and wounded wolf, All the best and stay green
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Intraday with 10K, then you should be trading on leverage, it requires highest discipline to protect capital
4H chart is too higher time frame roughly you get 3.5 candles per day.
1st candle carries London opening and 2nd candle both London closing and Newyork opening...
Also, Wednesday Crude inventory and Thursday NG inventory, also dollar index affect the CL price... hope you consider this!
As fellow CL trade and wounded wolf, All the best and stay green
Thanks for your wishes kainiteh
Today current chart pattern (4hour) in Sell mode . so i did multiple short entries

Screenshot (114).png

Screenshot (113).png
During inventory days... try to refer API inventory data... which published earlier to EIA data.. both are 70 to 80%... same

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It would be particularly helpful to get your views on the crude oil inventory and i gained some great support from an experienced trader like you..

Sold @ 4115 and Exit @ 4094
Screenshot (123).png
Screenshot (127).png

Screenshot (126).png
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