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In rel cap on point exit due to pin bar? Why you did not use trailing stop loss here?if exit due to pin bar, so if in future if we see a pin bar we should exit?
if u have gone through this thread from the begining,than u should know that,this is not a mechanical system,rather it is a discretion strategy

rules are just guidelines,there are other things to look for

more over pin bar is a strong reversal sign if combined with other things

in this case if u change the TF to 5 min,u will see,two pin bars at that point,both closing at the upper half,showing the bullishness in price,
and i was in a profit,so decided to exit,and waited for next opportunity
which i got also


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But it does not seem that candle 5 broke out of the high of first candle (like candle 4 did). So I am not able to understand this entry.
candle 4 gave a break out and then closed well below the line.indicating a rejection of the after this we are looking for a short entry,
so where to short?
price pulled back to upper line,then there was a pin bar,and when price breached the low of this pin bar,i entered short
this was the 1st candle,after candle 4 whos low is breached
i hope it is clear

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