Lost money when mutual fund moved up

I invested 100rs in Reliance Liquid Mutual Fund (NAV - 4676.7743) a few days ago.
While I was invested, the NAV moved up some points. Let's say NAV was 4676.8321.
So I was expecting when I sell my investment I get some small profit like 0.1 paise (no exit load).
But instead, I got a loss of Rs 2.032.

I contacted Zerodha Coin support, they say this is because of rounding of 4 decimal places.
Is this normal i.e. this is how it is supposed to be?

A Stock Market Newbie here

Attached Zerodha's response for clarity



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no idea abt decimal places calculation, u should check the MF account statement. what details does it show
Zerodha stores the MF in their own Demat account so I don't get the account statement. But I did contact them and they insist on it because of rounding, higher NAV and low value of investment (only 100rs). They sent me this reply.

Yes, you are right if you invest really small amount in the funds having higher NAB then you will get these kind of difference. If you would have invested like some 1000 rupees you wouldnt have had faced this issue.

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