Long term investment discussions


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Hi everyone

I have been searching for the investment thread and could not find any, so creating one.

I see lots of information is available in day trading thread, but a dedicated thread is needed for investment ideas/suggestions


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The 8 stocks recommended in the below video are good

1) HDFC Bank
2) Axis Bank
3) LT
4) UPL
5) ICICI Bank
6) SBI
8) Bajaj Finance



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you want to play safe Sbi card for 1 yrs holding period

Sbi card
hdfc bank
bajaj finance
Godfrey philips :xD
Equity only and don;t think of derivative in current market scene not for at least 3 more month

Right now everything is discount . you buy it and next day u will find it;s available at 4% cheaper lol

In india 1 thing is always free advice lol
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may be we could discuss filtering criteria to find best stocks -

(things I know of )

ROCE > 15%
Sales Growth > 10% (or is it 15%)
We are just getting started, everyone can give suggestions


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you can copy/quote investment related posts from other threads in this thread.
Investment posts should be done in this ,it will be great help for investors..rather then copying posts..because replies are vital for people who are investors and want advice..every thing should be done in this IMO


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One more script to keep a close eye is "Ashok Leyland" which is 74 percent down from its high
Beware, this script can go further down too
All the best with the thread @bashasm :)

Just like the Fill it, Shut it, Forget it bike (it was an advertisement of a bike from my childhood, I do not remember that now!) the following would be my picks for a very long time - atleast 7 to 10 years of holding time:

1. IPCA Labs
2. Ion Exchange
3. MCX
4. Johnson Hitachi Controls
5. 3M (I am holding unto a token 5 units I purchased back in 2012)

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