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allowing illegal things to go on for profit, they should be accountable too. Investors will suffer for their greed if they don't get money but big corporate fishes always get away..
Its not like that there was a loophole in the regulation which they exploited ...if i was a investor id be angry with them , but if those same investors were told that there was money to be made opening up such an exchange which was legal they would put double their money in it ... so while sitting on fences we can judge all day about who is right and who is wrong ... end of the day the smart person wins, hence i sya the investors should have known that money was going to the farmers and what happens when they default ? was what theyshould have thought, of course now if the castor seeds are of bad quality or no castor seeds at all then the exchange is at fault and should be severely punished... by the way the investers themselsves are heavy duty 6k crore crore for 15k investers average each one is about 30 lacs i think so they will get theor money out by hook or by crook


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hey, wanted to ask one u dealt with psychology of trading? like after losses it creates doubt or fear..what's your experience ?
Earlier i used to trade midcaps that to with size i had my most dreaded losses in them , most of the times i have realized that big losses occur when you are not in sync , you have no rational reasoning and just get lost into one losing trade after the other doing the same idotic thing and expecting(praying) a positive result ...when such things happen i take a break immediately for minimum of 10 minutes gather my thughts and come back , then its just observing and playing carfully with a drastically reduced size just to feel my emotions , if i feel ok ill continue else ill stop trading for the day ... luckily this has not happened to me for quite a few moths now as i have improved a lot ... but earlier i used to just go back to reading about markets and sucessful people in all walks of life just for inspirations ... for me luckily i have a short term memory loss , i forget quickly what has hppened in the past and always focused on what to do nrext , which i think is very important for trading.

when you loose for many days it always creates doubts and you suddenly start thinking that you are not going to survive thats when you really need to take a break for a few days and reasses your mistakes and build new strategies as something somewhere is wildly off.

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