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Dear members of Traderji family,
some of the Links to various software/ data files posted in the forum are given.
So, without burying the links with a long introduction, I start providing the links. :)

To open this post alone, you may add to your favourites:

please see the footnotes for more info.


NSE India historical and daily bhavcopy downloader for Linux By godrama
How to import "Live Feeds" to F Charts through excel By aniruddhadeshpande
EOD Data Downloaders:

MetaStock/AmiBroker/FChart NSE EOD Data downloader with Index Futures & VIX By XTalk
EOD Download/ Convert from NSE and BSE by pkjha30
Data Downloader (EOD & Intraday Backfill) & other SW By jdm
Free New Amibroker Data updater for NSE & BSE By AK Srivastav
My MetaStock Compatable Excel EOD Convertor by joy_mitali

IntraDay Data Downloaders:

Realtime Stock Quotes of NSEIndia through Yahoo Finance by sunyhyd
My Yahoo RealTime Data Viewer (Stock Tools) by srisara
NSE DataExtractor for FCharts by srisara


Trading Tools:

Your Dream Breakout & Pivot Point Alerter by pagenotfound
Power Indiabulls Trade Calculator by pagenotfound
PIB 4.1 Intraday Ticklist To Amibroker by pagenotfound
Stock Search Utility by pagenotfound
Very Handy Trade Calculator by pagenotfound


Portfolio Management System by justvarshney
Intraday quotes into your TA software by cooltetra
Intraday data download from yahoo by cooltetra
Stock Charts From Yahoo Site in Excel by chachi
Excel Speadsheet to Download data from Yahoo by srikantacharya
BSE multiple scrips EOD Data Downloader V1.0 by satish_goteti
Amit's Stock Tracker improved versions by satish_goteti (version 1.7)
MY Excel stock tracker by amitkr ( version 1.4)
BSE EOD Downloader by jdm & satish_goteti
Free Excel Spreadsheet for Mutual Funds by indianguru
Effective Trade Price Calculator by hmp


NSE EOD data from 1994 to 2006 Aug 28 by sivavkm
NSE/Yahoo symbols list by ronald_peterson
New Yahoo Symbols For Nse by ashik1001

6) The Links are being regrouped.
5) A separate category "OPEN SOURCE" added to encourage open source projects.
4) Any queries on the software may be made in the respective threads only.
3) developers may post all their versions in the same post, so that link once provided shall be valid inspite of revisions.
2) more links will be added as time passes. members may suggest further links found.
1) Objective is to provide easy access to available information posted at different locations.
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Excellent excel freewares for technical analysis

Murthy Sir ,please do include the following link also


thanks venu for the reference.

is a very good site and i regularly refer to it and make use of the various xls sheets provided by Peter Ponzo. you have to search a lot even to find his name in the web site. he is such a noble person. (Subsequently, the Home page shows the photo of this good old man, but alas, he finds it difficult to maintain this web site and appeals that one may download whatever interests one. Hope another noble person will come forward to continue this professor's work!)

"EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE MAY BE COPIED, CIRCULATED, DISTRIBUTED, IGNORED, RIDICULED, etc. without seeking my approval", is the opening sentence which speaks about the developer, who is a retired professor of Maths from Canada.

there are about 300 XL sheets to play with.

i definitely would have liked to include his web site in the list prepared by me. but, as i intended to cover only those links within traderji posted by member contributers, i may not be able to include this link.

i suggest that you or somebody else in the forum may prepare such a list of external free resources. i feel that this link should take the first position in such a list.

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You missed link to cool's ToAB excel tool, it is under Software/AmiBroker. It is going to be a BIG hit soon.
thanks, siva i really missed. now added. i know it is going to give a bandwidth challenge to yahoo too. ;)

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