Legging Risk - Your Experience

Hi All,

I haven't seen much on this important topic of options trading, traderji.com.
I suppose you know about the legging risk already, and in the web you get quite a lot of material. I am not interested in that. I would like to know from your real experience:) Because every market at all different times is different, some state of market (highly volatile) especially poses greater risk. Have you ever got into a situation where your multi-leg strategy was at risk half way through the setup? How do you usually mitigate these risks?

For the uninitiated, legging referes to the process of setting up multi-leg strategies, such as Bull Call Spread or Box Spread or Iron Condor etc by executing one leg at a time, at a humanly possible speed, without a deliberate or considerable delay. The risk is, you might have evaulated a risk reward ratio, and initiated the strategy by getting your first leg in. Before your second leg is executed, the market might have moved a fair bit (like 10-15 points, which sometime can throw a good strategy off balance) and you'd have lost control of your position. I almost had this experience during a four leg setup recently, but was fortunate that the market wasn't too choppy and came back to my price:clap:

Please do share your experience, it's greatly appreciated.