Learn about people's experiences investing in stock markets

I am trying my luck with investing in the stock markets and would be open to suggestions on how to invest/trade in stock markets, kindly share your experiences on how to go about investing in the stock markets.


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How does someone gain in-depth knowledge about investing in the stock market?

You have already started above thread related to the subject. What is the purpose of starting multiple threads that deal with the same subject??. You can cover most of your queries in a single thread as and how you go on interacting with other forum members. No need to start a separate thread for each question you may have.
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I want to hear about peoples experiences of investing in stock markets, the previous thread was more about knowledge sharing and getting to know which stocks to invest in.


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one should always look experiences of the one of the best india's own Trader and investor Rakesh Junjun...
One should learn from his stock market life journey .

another mind shaker is this video

Real life example my uncle bought eicher motors share a friend of his made him forcefully buy it @ 2400 price
it was physical delivery ... he never looked lol now currently google price of eicher motors and see ...
he made demate digital account in jan of 2018 i think ....
thats how big killing is made :xD Good company early entry

and not promoting but just see this video it will change the way you think about markets watch this full video it;s good

And at last
Welcome to stock market this market is ocean full of crocodiles .Get ready to get bitten in leg hands stomach all each and every part ^^
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Previous knowledge about stock market I find very important. It is better to spend some time learning and investigating strategies and then make trades. There are really good and quite educations seminars which can be found even for free on the web


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You have to learn from the experienced traders. You have to take motivation from them. Motivation plays a crucial role in getting success on the pressurizing forex or stock market. These forums are a great source of motivation and education as far as I think.
I would suggest you to invest in some proven stock technology companies if you do have access to them - to local and abroad anyway with whatever reason you may get with that matter. Are you with me here or not ? Something should really be done there to help others.
Yaa i agree. Learning is super important. I would say don’t start trading/investing until you have a good idea about these markets. And for the start, begin with a small amount and gradually increase your investments as you gain knowledge and experience.

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