Is VP financials genuine?

I think it is better you find your own strategy than following someone else’s. Run backtests and see what works. Everyone has a different strategy and goal. You can only be sure of your own plan. Be in control and you won’t have any issues.
You cannot depend solely on a ‘course’ or someone’s ‘tried and tested’ strategy. Your best teacher is your experience; no one can tell you exactly what to do, as no one can funnel or customise it exactly to your own needs. Only you can do that. I do not know much about them, so I cannot suggest anything here. But it is your choice ultimately.
I think you should realise that not everyone in the market will have the same thought process, so I don’t really know if they’re genuine or not, but if you ask me it shouldn’t need to matter. There are many other YouTube channels to browse from where you don’t really need to pay to learn. Focus on building your own understanding of the market. Good luck!
I used to suspect something odd from that person, and looking at the comments on their channel, I thought I was the only one to believe so. Thankfully, there are people who believe that this person is not genuine.
Why should I be the one to follow someone else if I can trust my work completely.
I do not know about VP Financials. By reading your post, I think that this person is making a fool of innocent people. The 95% success rate is a big red flag, in my opinion. Someone can throw a bunch of words that might sound intelligent, and at the same time, their words are cunning too. People fall prey to such cunning words and lose their hard-earned money to such people. They might show you their screens too. No one knows whose trading screen they are showing. No one knows whether they are genuine or fake. The answer is no one; no one knows whether they are fake or genuine. Don’t fall prey to such people’s marketing gimmicks.
95% successful trades are a red flag here. I would never consider such a person who fools others by selling courses or tricks online by marketing in such a way. As we are in the industry, we know that it is not possible, and we are saved from spending thousands of Rupees. But I feel sad about those who fall prey to such people’s courses and lose their hard-earned money.
wow, I'm happy that people consider him a fraud and they think he can't be right these many times. Well I learned from him in 2020, he uses purely price action trading. also i can observe most people here are stupid and can't judge what is a scam and what not. also i saw someone commenting he didn;t even saw his youtube channel and consider him a fraud. if u watch his youtube videos u will know he started from making 1-2K per day to lakhs today, his efforts are clearly visible. One thing i can observe , no one here is profitable in this thread.


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VP Financial marketing strategy is clear, commit a form of wire-fraud by dropping good reviews on forums. Guy has no ethics. He tried to buttress favorable posts from one-post wonders on tradingqna and the mods spotted the practise and unlisted the thread,

I urge mods here to do the same.


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I belive that
Before participating in any financial business, it is critical to undertake extensive research and check its validity, ensuring it is appropriately regulated and transparent.

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