Is VP financials genuine?

I have come across a youtube channel by the name of "VP financials" where this guy shares his trading strategy almost everyday. He trades mainly on banknifty on the 1 minute chart and uses price action strategies combined with fibonnaci. The most amazing thing about his trading is that he hardly makes any losses. Almost 95% of his trades are successful. Here is his channel:
You can go through all his trades in the playlist and see that he earns around 5000 to 10000 a day! He also posts videos of his losses which happen very rarely. This seems to give an impression that he is honest but I suspect something fishy because anyone who is involved in trading would tell you that a good success ratio in trading is about 60 to 70% but this guy seems to achieve a success ratio of more than 90%, in fact maybe more than 95%! I would just like to know your thoughts about this.

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