Is VP financials genuine?

I have come across a youtube channel by the name of "VP financials" where this guy shares his trading strategy almost everyday. He trades mainly on banknifty on the 1 minute chart and uses price action strategies combined with fibonnaci. The most amazing thing about his trading is that he hardly makes any losses. Almost 95% of his trades are successful. Here is his channel:
You can go through all his trades in the playlist and see that he earns around 5000 to 10000 a day! He also posts videos of his losses which happen very rarely. This seems to give an impression that he is honest but I suspect something fishy because anyone who is involved in trading would tell you that a good success ratio in trading is about 60 to 70% but this guy seems to achieve a success ratio of more than 90%, in fact maybe more than 95%! I would just like to know your thoughts about this.


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whatever i am not gone a click youtube link

but i can tell you 1 thing dont short bank nifty ...

buy it
buy it hold it
buy 1 lot keep 3x money as backup in bank

thats my tradology why Bnk nifty go for hdfcbank ;xD
king of banks haha
It's impossible to have this type of accuracy.

He uses such small capital and makes crazy returns everyday.

I know he is a scam, but don't know what exactly he is doing
Thanks for letting me know about this. A friend of mine told me about him and how well he has been doing in the market. Looks like many don’t know what he has actually been doing.
It doesn't matter to be honest. A strategy that works for him may or may not work for you. Any strategy can potentially work. It is down to us as traders to test things and use our results to formulate a strategy that works for us. This is what is so hard about trading and the aspect many quit before they get anywhere with

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