Is it advisable to trade in a choppy market

A choppy market is not good or bad . It depends on your trading style. One can make profits even in a choppy market. Just follow these two methods.
1. Buy at support and sell at resistance. This way you can net substantial gains.
2. Utilise oscillating indicators. These indicators provide buy and sell triggers based on price movements.
Exactly. No market is good or bad. It's how you deal with it what matters.
Be careful about how you trade and what type of stocks you pick. The type of market won’t affect you much if you have a solid trading plan.
True, but knowing your market is fundamental. Trading DAX and NiKKEI are NOT the same thing.
One Mans Choppy Problematic Market can be another Mans Super Trading Opportunity.
Depends on what strategy you are trading. Mean Reversion or Trend Following.
Agreed as far as you are the second guy.