Is it advisable to trade in a choppy market


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Strategy is simple , draw few horizontal lines on previous poc in volume profile , below is example in 15min candle.

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I have activated the trial for the Pro version of the trading view, I will check and update you
Thanks for the guidance
Superb, if possible please explain with more charts
I have not tested with indian stock market , I do it with only USOIL , and use that to trade on CRUDEOIL MINI , our crudeoil move exactly like USOIL . volume profile works in USOIL because lots of people follow it so it works , for indian stock market it wont work exactly on POC lines , but it works on Pivot lines of kite charts , because more indians follow pivot lines .

Volume profile is useful in indian stock market too , many professional use it , its powerful to find accumulation / distribution , I am learning too , will learn and update.