Is investing in mutual fund would be the wise decision in coming times?

If we gradually invest in few funds as per our selection and preference, then, is there a chance for the funds to be performing or still, it is skeptical to invest in the mutual funds?
Yes, investing in a mutual fund would be a sensible decision but only for those who aren't earning in stocks and are ready for getting the slow and stable growth of the money within 8-10 years.
The market always recovered from the bad times and has performed again.
The market is the only thing which runs on the esitmation of how things are going to perform in the future showing the positive side after the downfall it has shown due to any reason.

I myself has been investing consistantly in the mutual fund and in fact investing more to buy the more units at this point in time.
I use my DBS Digibank App to invest in the mutual fund and have been using it convientently as there is no banking or any ay hidden cost on using the DBS Digibank app. All you need is to download and install the app and get KYC done and get started...
SIP is much publicised way of investing in mutual funds but that is not an answer to all the problems......I can say with my own experience that one should start investing when the market crashes and then he will be fine...but even if you start SIP when the markets are at top, then SIP wont help us......I have done experiment that in few small cap and mid cap funds I have done SIP for last 2 years and the investment is still in loss even going for daily Rs 500 SIP for 2 years.......most of the fund houses become active and come with new funds when the market is at top and then they say SIP Sahi hai...plain marketing gimmic and we should be aware of this.SIP is sahi only when the markets are down and we dont want to time the exact wait patiently and invest only when markets are down atleast 20 % and we get such opportunities ......many midcaps and balances funds are still in loss after 2-3 years.......

Now the funds can say 2-3 years is too small time for judging the performance but even SIP is making a loss here and then how long is long term 10-15 years and how many investors have that time horizon ?????........

My view only....based on my own investments in SIP and someone may have his own views on the issue.........