Intra day trading and luck..?



come on guys who needs tea gimme sum beer

Cant resist to agree with you in pre-holi day :),a kolkattan will always relate to Tea & adda even when giving an example.:D


come on guys who needs tea gimme sum beer:D

take some time off and evaluate yourself...intra day is quick so u'll need to be fast and decisive to make money...
don't be too greedy that will make u take irrational trading decisions...cut down position size and gradually increase it when u gain more confidence...
and ya always keep stop losses;
short selling can really kill u as ur losses can be unlimited...

all the best!
In Intraday ,why Short Selling is more dangerous than Long only.Actually the Risk element is same for both.


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A child who has yet to learn how to walk......if he were to look at all of us who walk and try and try and try,and falling down 10 times again and again,and then looks at all walkers as "Plain Good Ol' Luck".....that child will never walk.He has found a convenient excuse not to do so....

If there is something you are not doing right,that does not mean it cannot be done.Instead look around and assess whether it has ever been done......and if it has,then it can be acieved,......then,go about trying to achieve the same!!

Once you have decided that everything,every failure,every your fault,yours alone.....once you remove that onus of Blame from Luck,God, People around you, Bad broker,etc and take all blame squarely on your go about trying to find where you've gone wrong and move on to great success.

Well said.
Hi Saint,
Thanks for your views,comments...actually I wasn't able to trade this week as I was held up with lot of company work and that's the reason for this delay too..
right now I am still not fully comfortable in doing full time trading and also I don't have any softwares also to view the charts on a daily basis..but I visit this forum often and get useful inputs from you, uasish and other great ppl here...thanks to all these ppl...:)
but sometimes I do on my own..and that bombs :eek:
Slow and steady ......Baby Steps for now...