Intra day trader

I am a daytrader. just wanted to know did any body come across this Cheat.

XYZ stock moves nice in a day when I place a "buy" order the stocks does'nt move from that point onwards the stock falls and hits my "Stop loss". I felt india bulls is purposely playing this sort when I place a order. yesterday on a bull market, I traded with index. Index which use 2 move Rs.5 or Rs.10 with 5-10min. was struggling to move upwards came down Rs. -15 and went up beyond my price later (hope my operator could not he gave a short sell call of that XYZ share and his SL triggered:) :) ...).I would like 2 know did any one faced this sort of problem. would like to know all the brokers or operator's or playing like this or only India bulls doing this fraud.

how could I track this and make a complaint in SEBI. please let me know???.