Experienced Intraday Traders please comment on my Trading Strategy/Risk Management

I have been in the market for 5-6 months now just before lows of March(Nify50) and have been switching through different types of trading and finally after trying my hands in all, my risk appetite suits intraday trading the most.I prefer Pullback Trading and reversals
I use Camarilla Pivot points with Volume Spread analysis, the price action of monthly weekly and daily (This includes key price points, and S&R). and moving averages (50DMA,200 DMA)
I determine the trend by using India Vix, Nifty 50, and the sectors Index which I am trading in to get the most of the move. (I only trade in selected stocks which I have been trading for the past few months so I could get a hang of their price movements and Average price range )
I don't follow the general rules generated for Camarilla Pivot points but have come up with my own which slightly modifies it and gives a better result (I have backtested and live-tested the strategy for 3 years and 5 months respectively )
I don't risk more than 1% of my account in 1 trade and position sizing is done according to the price and the risk I am taking according to the trade.
My trades are generally 1:2 but I have a win rate of about 70%
All of these Trades are in NSE Cash and not on options.
Here are the following details and Screenshot which adds more detail

Note: This journal doesnt compress the whole data as I wasnt introudced to this concept when backtesting 3 years of data hence it only comprises of the live data of 3 months

I generally take entries on 3Min chart while confirming the trend on Higher timeframes(5min,15Min or 30Min)
With (Avg Gain) 190 / 60 (Avg Loss)
and with a win/loss of 70% + gives you a
Profit Factor of about 7.38
you have a huge winner on your hand

Just don't do any tinkering
keep trading it and
let the position size grow organically

Best Wishes :up:
Sir All theses trades are paper trades and I have yet not developed my psychology to sustain losses. Can I urge you to test it, it would help me a lot. I can give you a system . The reason I am saying this I have tried this system and took real trades but couldn't get the same result, I would necessarily blame this on me being immature and my emotions overriding the system. Thank you


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Dear Akshay,

No experienced trader will trade your or anyone else's system. Never. You have to take this pain yourself.

Start with just one share in equities. Never touch Future and Options in first year or unless you are confident. Increase quantity slowly from 1 share to 5 10 20 ...100 etc. It takes time. Successful trading needs few years of hardwork.

Always expect slippages in live trading in comparison to paper trading. Its normal.

Best wishes

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