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Hello All,

I am looking to open an online accont with online broker.

Would appreciate any feedback from actual users or anybody else.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Neal,

I do not have an online account with Geojit. But my family is having 4 accounts with them. In my opinion they it is good to have an account with them. But regarding on-line trading you have to check with some one else.

Regards :rolleyes:
Thanks, bvinod, for your feedback.

Still waiting for feedback from someone who has an online account!

Anybody there??

I am using for online trading for last 5 months. it is good. however it seems they have got more clients and server capacity is same resulting in slowdown and/or disconnection. many a times this happens during crucial last one hour of trading. recently business world magazine had evaluated it as one of the best. wish they improve server capacity. otherwise i am satisfied.
I have a similiar problem with

The website gets to load terribly slowly on high traffic hours/days.

This happens in the opening and closing hours of trade and on Mondays and Fridays.

Otherwise I think the 3 in 1 account is great in terms of convenience although they charge a high delivery brokerage (one way) of 0.85% an stock trades.

How much do you pay Is it 0.05% on delivery trades??
Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback!!

Can I get some feedback about and



hi! everyone,

this is vishal and i am a new member. very firstthing i thanx traderji for coming up with such a website.

and now i will straight away come to the point. guyz i have an icicidirect acc., and believe me it is the worst. well, i will tell u y??

1. it doesnot gives margin trading n all the A-group scrips.
2. the maxium margin given is only 4 times and that to on selected scrips..
3. the server is too slow.
4. the squaringoff is done between 2.50 and 3.00pm, no chance of trading after that(atleast for intraday).
5.does not give loans to take delivery or for buying today and selling tomorrow.
6. and the lastone but not the least one the brokerage is the highest
0.15 for intraday per leg and 0.85 for delivery

well, i think this is more than enough to keep you all away from
today i have taken sharekhan acc. well, lets see hows it works out.
all the best to all of you
happy trading
Hi Vishal (rungta_vm),

Thanks for your feedback.

I too am a customer looking to move.

Please give us your feedback and experience with sharekhan after you open an account with them.



New Member
Re: Feedback on

Dear All,
Only yesterday I came across and joined as member. I thank for providing a common platform to share all our views.
I do online trading with one of the leading brokers of India.(I dont want to mention the name here). I face the following problems :
There is live streaming quotes based on which I decide and trade. But every now and then the quotes become non-live. That is it goes out of synchronisation with the market resulting in lagging quotes. That is the actual quotes what is see on screen is old by 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes. I used to place market orders but get shocked to find the execution taking place at some other price.Initailly I was confused but after lot of research I found this discrepancy and took it up with the broker, but no solution has come out till date.
So please check up this aspect before signing up with any broker.
Similarly check and evaluate the actual brokerage charged. Becoz the net brokerage becomes higher after including the NSE turnover charges, stampduty, service tax etc. None of the brokers tell the net brokerage.
And the problem of slow down particularly during market peak hours at opening and closing, frequest disconnection, frequent log out particularly while placing orders etc.. are very common problems that exists with almost all brokers. The only solution to these problems is we learn to live with it after some time.
If anybody knows any online trading providers without the above said problems, I request to please inform on this forum so that all of us can get benefited.
Re: Feedback on

I guess this is experienced by almost all traders/investors who open an online trading account.

The service providers (brokers) do not seem to bother to even make sure that they have the requisite infrastructure before signing up new clients.

I opened a 3-in-1 account with and I was finding it difficult to log into and execute trades through my account.

As VRAM mentioned this used to happen in the mornings (opening hours) and then towards the close of trade.

After numerous complaints they still have not sorted out this problem.

Incidently I upgraded to a 256 Kbps internet connestion and still no respite!

Whom do I hold responsible??

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