IndiaInfoline CHEATING their customers

I have a DMAT account with India Infoline Ltd. in Mohali, Punjab branch. I have a complaint that my Relationship Manager (Mr. Gurvinder Singh) of India Infoline company has cheated me & invested my money into the market without my knowledge and gave me the loss of around Rs. 15000/- and he never told me about that loss. When I asked to withdraw all my money (Rs. 31,000/-) from my DMAT account then he gave me only Rs. 16000/- cheque and he told me that he also sent the request of Rs. 14000/- to the head office & I will get that cheque within 2-3 days. But he is giving me the fake promises from last 10-15 days.

When I talked to the branch manager (Mr. Karminder) regarding this then he told me that he (Mr. Gurvinder Singh) resigned from the company and I was really shocked to hear that. I sent so many mails & talked to the branch manager so many times but they are not doing anything.

It was my first time to enter into the stock market but Gurvinder Singh has shattered all my confidence and dreams. I am really very disappointed. How he can play with the customer's money without telling them? Its really hard to believe for me that I loss my money due to the Companys irresponsible relationship manager. Please don't open your DMAT account with India Infoline company.
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