I need a help in Odin

Hi Traders,
I need a help. If anybody do trading in ODIN ,please send Directional Movement System(ADX) indicator template with 14 periods and 2 Horizontal line 40.0000 and 20.0000. i need ind file.

Thanks in advance



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Bro... you are doing it in the right way as per the screenshot. Apply the same to chart, right click the chart > save > save indicator template. The template will be saved as .ind file.

http://www. ****. com/file/ZEvpztYLba/ADX.html

**** = 4shared
thank you so much for your quick reply..
sry for my late reply..
actually i saw video in youtube there only i took screenshot of adx indicator settings window.

i downloaded and checked your file it doesn't work for me

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