1. S

    How Robotrader Works?

    Can anyone explain how the robotrader, autotrader thing works? do they have API's or some sort of connection to the trading platforms like ODIN, NEST or they only works on scripts (AUTOIT, AUTOHOTKEY).
  2. M

    Odin Terminal

    Hello! Anyone could please suggest me a broker with Odin Terminal. Presently I am using Angel's speed pro (Odin Terminal) but now a days it is not working properly. I also had raised a ticked but they people are not able to resolve it & also not able to provide me estimate time to resolve the...
  3. saikatdg

    How to Trade in Diet Odin for Swing Tradin?

    I have decided to be an EOD based swing trader. Hence i mostly put my orders in the morning hour and revise them in the night after market hours. since I am new to diet Odin, i would like to describe few probable situations below.I request ur guidance on them. 1) -Market at 100. - i want to be...
  4. S

    I need a help in Odin

    Hi Traders, I need a help. If anybody do trading in ODIN ,please send Directional Movement System(ADX) indicator template with 14 periods and 2 Horizontal line 40.0000 and 20.0000. i need ind file...
  5. I

    Programmer here. Need help.

    I have been a part-time (that too very occasional) trader. I am into software development. I am looking for pointers to make an automated trading system. It will be for personal use only. Currently I don't have any strategy in mind, because before indulging into that, I would like to make sure...
  6. C

    ODIN - OI Chart settings

    Hi All Please let me if there is any option in ODIN for creating charts using open interest instead of price. If yes please let me know the settings to implement. Thanks in advance. Chris
  7. F

    Real Time Data from ODIN to TXT file without Excel

    Hello All, I want to create visual basic app to read data from multiple market watched in my ODIN client. I want to write a visual basic script to simply look at all the market watches and write the data to a TXT file. I saw an old discussion here...
  8. L

    Need Help With ODIN CHARTS

    Dear all, I have been Using ODIN DIET for a long time and Seeing Continuous Charts. I have also been Using amibroker for along time. The help i need from You is that Can any one Convert Particular AMIBROKER AFL file in to ODIN DIET CHART Template ( extension:- .ind) format. Do replay me as...
  9. O

    Professional Trader seeking Alternatives

    Hi, I need some advice from fellow members regarding brokerage and convenience. I am a trader by profession and my turnover ranges from Rs 4-6 Cr a month per a/c. I am not a pukka technical trader and hence dont rely upon charts a whole lot. Right now I trade through numerous brokers...
  10. G

    PTST ODIN Order

    Dear Sir/Madam, Can someone please explain me how to place buy, stop loss and sell orders in ODIN. I don't want to separate the buy step from sell. I want to execute an order of buy, stop loss and sell orders according to pivot points. Thanks in advance for any one who throw some light...
  11. Ravi Lodhiya

    Explain Order Entry in ODIN Diet.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain the order entry in ODIN Diet Client program? And How do I place an order with stop loss in ODIN in a single order entry? Is it possible ? For example, If you look in the image I have attached the screen shot of the Order Entry form. Can Anyone help...
  12. Ravi Lodhiya


    Dear all, My name is ravi lodhiya and I am a software developer. I am new to Stock Market. I am learning new things everyday. I have recently open a demat account with J.M. Financial Services. I have join this community to share my experiences and learn ODIN and investment game. I...
  13. yusi

    O2A - Odin to ASCII

    This utility captures market watch data from Odin Diet clients for output to ASCII datafiles. Download link (when authentication is requested, enter username as O2Atr and password as traderji; case needs to be correct)
  14. pannet1

    India Infoline (5paisa.com) Diet Odin Login Problem

    Hello, I am unable to login into odin. I am getting the below error. ERROR getting the BINARY versions. Have anybody encountered similar problems in other ODINs. Also how to contact India Infoline customer service. Please help.
  15. T

    Technical indicator alerts in ODIN

    I am using the ODIN software for my trading , provided by RK global, on the menu there is a Charts tab which has an technical alert builder which is not active. I would like to know how to make it active or do we have an active technical indicator builder on platforms provide by other...
  16. A


    hi everyone:), i trade in commodity with odin but now i cannot login to my account as my odin is showing error 10054(recievestream).i tried all re-installing the software,tried it on another computer.but, nothing helped.can anyone suggest anything:(. computer details:--...
  17. O

    RT Data from ODIN to AmiBroker

    Application to Send RT Data from ODIN to AmiBroker. Features: 1. Data to Amibroker with zero delay (as fast as your ODIN). 2. Supports all watchlists in ODIN. 3. Supports continuous contracts symbol naming for NSE Futures and MCX Futures(ie Symbol-1, Symbol-2, Symbol-3,....)...
  18. K

    about odin

    hi friends , i was wondering if in anyway it is possible to run two odin from separate brokers on the same computer. :confused: thanks
  19. L

    Odin data to ab through dde link to excel

    Hi, to day I have been able to link odin to AB through excel as server to the DDE link to AB. How to link excel to AB is here-http://www.traderji.com/futures/25740-dde-link-ab-future-realtime-through-excel-success.html.