hw mch return %??


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hw mch return 1 shud xpect daily frm 40,000rs capita if trdin EQ?

realistic return pls-
100rs daily?



750rs to 1000rs?


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1. Realistic return varies widely from trader to traders depending on their various trading qualities.

2. Always note:-
There are breakeven days, small loss & small profit days, medium profit & medium loss and the JACKPOT DAYS (big profit days using trailing stop in strong trend), but there must not be big loss day.

3. It's better to think about weekly returns bcoz for beginners sometimes average weekly return falls below average daily return (+ & -).

4. Realistic return: maximum range (minus)-1200 to(plus)+3600 per day on 40,000. IMO
Try to maintain a buffer money, so that your trading capital remains fixed 40,000

Don't count viewers. :eek: Probably, most viewers are puzzled with your questions as there is no negative return. :p
Also, you are expecting the daily fixed percentage income from trading? This is not a salary, you will get variable income in a wide range of 22 days(per month).

Happy Trading...
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