equity cash

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    hw mch return %??

    hw mch return 1 shud xpect daily frm 40,000rs capita if trdin EQ? realistic return pls- 100rs daily? 200rs-400rs? 400rs-600rs? 600rs-750rs? 750rs to 1000rs? 1000rs-2000rs? ty j c kisna
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    Hi, I am new to stock market just 6 months experience

    My interest is in Equity CM. Equity Derivative is something looks difficult to understand. My friends are advising me to look for Commodity and Currency also. Let's see.
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    1 Lakh to 4.5 Crore in 5 Months..Possible?

    I am working in a Job and also Trading.I am having a Good Goal which is Due in December 2009 for which I need a minimum of 4.5 Crore and after analysing I have decided to do it from Trading.My Mind tells me it is Impossible to Achieve,My Heart tell me it is Possible to Achieve.I know there will...
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    Helloooooooo everybody